steaz awards

product overview

all natural, flavorful, thirst-quenching: steaz is sure to wow your taste buds! whether you’re at the beach, yoga class or just plain thirsty, there’s a steaz for every occasion!

organic iced green tea - Start with clean, crisp, organic, fair-trade green tea. Add the most mouthwatering fruits in the world. A touch of cane sugar, and our legendary Iced Tea is born.
zero calorie iced green tea - A fruit-bowl full of flavour, the planet’s healthiest natural sweetener, fair-trade green tea, and a whole lot of love – with absolutely zero calories!
zero calorie sparkling green tea - We’re no wizards. But we did manage to make sparkling green tea delicious, nutritious, and 100% natural – with zero calories. And we think that’s pretty magic.
energy - The purest energy comes from natural sources. That’s the philosophy behind Steaz Energy. It’s the ideal fuel for sustained stamina in body and mind.