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Abigail Spencer Dishes on Steaz Energy

Steaz is fortunate to have a number of 'Celebristeaz' that are crazy about our products and willing to share how they discovered a better way with Steaz. So we were stoked when Abigail Spencer volunteered to be our first guest blogger! You most likely know Abigail from her role as Suzanne Farrell in Mad Men or as Becca in All My Children. She's recently appeared on a number of shows, including ABC's Castle and TNT's HawthoRNe. Spencer lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Andrew and their son, Roman.

Abigail Spencer and Steaz

Hi, I'm Abigail Spencer and I am a recovering diet drink addict. I used to drink diet energy drinks, like....a lot, at least one a day, sometimes two or three, oscillating between this brand and that ... as though the variety made it better. Not okay, right? So bad for me and I knew it. I had to get off the stuff. I wanted to but I didn't know how, or what I could supplement with. I don't drink coffee because it makes me feel sick, but I still needed that little boost, especially with my shooting schedule, auditions, errands, etc.... and so i kept drinking them.

...Until I discovered that my husband and I were pregnant with our first child. At that moment, I quit cold turkey. Ten months later our son Roman was born. Two months after that, I started working again. I had vowed never to go back to all the high-caffeine, unnatural crap, but I do love me some tea, green tea especially. Yet, I wanted something organic that could give me energy, that came in a can, that was, in a word, EASY, without all the crap. Plus, I wanted it to be low in sugar and glycemic index since I'm an actress and, well, a woman. :) OH, and it had to make me feel better, too. That's not too much to ask for, right?

One day at Whole Foods, I stumbled across your product. Literally, stumbled. The diet Steaz Energy. All the ingredients checked, which was awesome, low in all the right numbers, and the berry flavor was quite excellent. I was nursing my son, so it was okay for me to have while I nursed, and that was it.

I buy them by the case now, and make a concerted effort to get my friends to start drinking them, especially all my mommy friends who are nursing, and looking to lose that last bit of baby weight.

All this to say. THANK YOU! for your product, for your vision. Steaz not only has been my alternative, it has been my answer. I KNOW that diet Steaz helped me lose the 40 plus pounds I gained along with a healthy diet and pilates two times per week with my incredible trainer Jessica Mctighe. I live an active lifestyle, but before my son I worked out all the time, and now I don't have the time. So I do my pilates, take care of my son, work and drink Steaz Energy. It sustains me when I'm on set and pulling all night-ers for work and chasing around my precious 18 month old son.

Thank you for making such a rad product!


For a look at more celebrities that enjoy drinking Steaz, check out our Facebook photo albums, including Celebristeaz. 

Steaz Gives Sugar the Slimdown

Let's face it. Most of us love the sweet, bubbly experience that comes from drinking a soda. Even if you're among the strong-willed that stick to water, tea, coffee, freshly squeezed juice and/or milk, there are occasions when it seems like those drinks just don't hit the spot. There's a long list of reasons why many of us deny our soda urge. In our last post, we talked about one reason: sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Now that you know Steaz is sweetened with organic sugar cane, and that it's always a good idea to pay attention to your sugar intake, we wanted to give you the lowdown on our sugar slimdown!

In 2009, Steaz began an initiative to reduce the amount of sugar in our products. Not necessarily because our consumers were demanding it, but because we believe living healthier also means consuming less sugar. We did it because it's a part of our promise to you to provide products that are good for the mind, body and soul.

Our Steaz Iced Teaz already have a lightly sweetened/low sugar profile at 10 grams per 8 ounces. This year, our original Steaz Sparkling Green Teas will go from 23 gs of sugar per 8 oz. to a more lightly sweetened formula at only 19 gs. (leading soft drinks have around 27 gs per 8 oz.) In October of last year, we introduced the naturally sweetened Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea line to replace our four flavors of Diet Steaz, which all contained 40 calories and 9 gs of sugar per 8 oz.

Naturally Zero Calories?

Steaz Zero Calorie RaspberrySo how can a sweet beverage have zero calories naturally? For most of us, zero calories means an artificial sweetener. It's an association we have in our minds that we don't think twice about. If you pay attention to your food and drink labels, you've seen them; aspartame, saccharin, sucralose. They are artificial and chemical compounds that offer the sweetness of sugar, but without the extra calories.

Is it possible for us to reconsider our definition of zero calories to also include natural sweeteners? Turns out, yes, thanks to a plant called stevia. And that's three cheers from dieters, diabetics and anyone who wants to lessen or eliminate the amount of sugar going into their bodies (or temples if you prefer!).

Stevia a plant native to Mexico, Central America and South America that's been around for centuries. Among its original uses, it served as a sweetener for yerba mate (which we use in our Steaz Energy line) and medicinal teas in South America. Stevia is also known as sweetleaf or sugarleaf. The leaf's extracts have up to 300 times the sweetness of table sugar. If you've ever eaten mint leaf or been brave enough to chew a small stick from a birch tree, you know what it's like to taste an intense flavor right from the source.

The stevia used in Steaz Zero is 100% natural and is organic compliant under the USDA's organic regulations. With zero calories and carbs, Steaz Zero Calorie still delivers 120 mg of antioxidants from the green tea, B vitamins and most important, serious flavor.

So when you add the lower sugar intake to the health benefits of tea and many other all natural ingredients, we hope that you can sit back, relax with a Steaz and remember that healthy alternatives do exist.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup: The Skinny on the Sweet Stuff

What makes a soft drink sweet? Sugar, right? Well, actually what makes most soft drinks so deliciously sweet, isn't sugar. It's high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). HFCS is a processed sugar substitute made from corn. Corn is cheaper than sugar and HFCS acts as a preservative, so it's been widely adopted into our food stream. It was invented in the 1960's, with extensive use beginning in the late 1970's due to the rise in sugar prices. In the late 1970's, we also began to see the dramatic rise in U.S. obesity rates, but we can't blame this on HFCS. Many aspects of our food supply were changing, including an increase in fast food and portion sizes.

One of the concerns with high fructose corn syrup is that we do not know its long term health effects, if any. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ruled that high fructose corn syrup is safe. However, they've also say that many other foods are safe, such as fast food and potato chips.
So, as a consumer, you have to draw your own conclusions. What we do know is that natural food ingredients and whole foods (like fruits and vegetables) are healthier when compared to processed foods.

Organic Sugar Cane 

Steaz proSugar Caneducts are sweetened with organic sugar cane, which undergoes less processing than refined (or table) sugar. It hangs on to some of the nutritional value found in the sugar cane stalk, in particular, riboflavin (also known as Vitamin B2). Steaz uses what is called "first press" cane juice because it's the highest quality cane sugar for sweetness and flavor.


Limiting Sugar

Whether it's high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar, these added sweeteners should be consumed with awareness and limitation. Soft drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages are the number one source of added sugars in the American diet. According to the American Heart Association, high intakes of added sugars are implicated in numerous poor health conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Steaz products are generally lower in sugar than their mass market competitors. In fact, our best selling drinks are our newer "lightly" sweetened options. Our new Zero Calorie line, which is naturally sweetened with the leaves of the stevia plant, is already proving to be a big hit too.

Creating A Healthier World

Part of our mission at Steaz is to help create a healthier world. We recognize it may seem strange that we are talking about the health concerns of sugar when our products do contain sugar! But,
ignoring that fact and not doing what we can to educate you about what you are consuming goes against our mission.

Steaz is psyched about the steps we're taking to offer you, not only a great tasting alternative to traditional soda but one that's better for you ...and keeps getting better. Check out our next post to find out what else we've been up to on the sugar front.


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