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May the Best Steaz Win!

Steazers, you've stumped us! Your videos were just too good. We really tried but we simply couldn't bring ourselves to narrow it down to 10 - so we picked 12!

Meet the My Steaz Finalists:


Tyler & Robyn are 18 years old and in love - they stole our hearts in their touching video.

Dan Bakst loves music and everything about it. His passion and energy are infectious!

Aiden Ivy was shot by Brian Tran who is a 19 year old film-maker always looking for ways to create and challenge himself. His parkour video is something we couldn't have imagined!

Matt Batchelor's passion is telling the stories of people who do not have a voice of their own. Authentic and real, Matt so clearly shared his passion that we were moved to share his.

Matt Magohan was shot by Mike Pagan, a 17 year old from L.A. with an "extreme passion for filmmaking". What can we say...WOW! The filming style, message and talent blew us away.

Travis Collier is a professional BMX rider. We were astounded by the calm, quiet beauty that this video portrayed. "Ballet on a bike" is right.

Chris Hannant is a photographer/film-maker/surfer/adventurer. He makes us want to pack our bags and see as much of the world as we can!

Clint Snyder is a loving husband who is pursuing faith, hope and love. We love the message and subtle story told in this beautiful video.

Anica James is an artist and photographer. We love the simplicity of her message and her passion for the outdoors.


Eric Bickerstaffe is one steazy guitarist. This video is stunning and captivating - it truly took us to the serene forest with him.

John Monsoon is part of bass-pop consisting of MC's. We love the energy in this LMAFOish video.

Myles Harris is all about making the planet a better place - through art! Can you believe he is only 17? This kid has some crazy steaz and isn't afraid to show it.

Huge gratitude to everyone who entered the contest, thank you for your tremendous videos. They're awesome.  

Now vsit My Steaz to see which charities they are supporting and to vote for your favorite.  

Voting closes on June 24th and the video with the most votes wins!

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