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Discovering A Better Way

For many, summer is a time of discovery and growth, when we set off on new paths or recommit ourselves to finding new ways of living healthier, exploring new destinations, reconnecting with friends and family and becoming the best we can be. The same can be said for Steaz.

So far in 2010, we've seen strong sales across all our product lines. Thank you. We know we have you, our Steazers, to thank for your commitment to discovering how our healthy and delicious products help you enjoy the beverages you love and feel good about yourself and our world. As we evolve our product lines, know still that we remain dedicated to our triple bottom-line values and to creating affordable organic, fair-trade beverages with all-natural ingredients.

Steaz Logo

You may also have noticed a change in the way our products look at your store. We've unveiled both a new logo and new packaging for our Iced TeazEnergy Drinks and ShotsSparkling Green Tea and new Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea. The new Steaz logo is a contemporary interpretation of the Flower of Life. Our icon is meant to be a visual expression of the connections that life weaves through all of us and the shared experiences between you, our customers, our company and our planet. It represents where good karma meets good for you and helps us deliver on our promise: good for the mind, body and soul. The balance, symmetry and simplicity you see in the logo is also represented in our new packaging designs.

An example of our packaging, before:

Old Steaz Iced Teaz Design

And after:


New Steaz Peach Iced Teaz

For more on the new logo, check out this ad.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us and for your continued support of Steaz. Here's to summertime and to a lifetime of discovering the better way.

Earth Day: Cheers to a Better World

Have any plans for Earth Day? Don't forget it's this Thursday, April 22nd and this year marks the day's 40th anniversary. We'll be giving away some goodies @Steaz on Twitter in celebration. Keep reading for more details.

Here's my best at some very brief history: In 1970, the first Earth Day, created by U.S. SenatorGaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, helped establish the beginning of today's environmental movement. Over the years, Earth Day has rallied environmental activists and everyday folks around issues like clean energy, recycling, green investment and climate change. The Day is now celebrated in over 175 countries.

We've been working hard at Steaz since our inception to build a sustainable company. It seems like just yesterday when Steven and I participated in our very first Earth Day event in conjunction with the student members of the New York University Environmental Club. It was only our fourth month in business, in April 2003. We left our home base outside of Philly and proudly drove our Steaz cargo van (Old Betsy, we used to call her) loaded with over a hundred cases of Steaz to sample on the NYU campus and educate the students about the benefits of "going organic" and thinking about the planet when they make buying decisions.



We really believed these hands-on events for us would change the world for the better, one drink at a time. I am happy to reflect now that over the past seven years we definitely have led an organic beverage revolution and turned a lot of new consumers on to righteous ideas like our's. For us, it was never an after-thought or a marketing initiative. In the beginning, we hadn't even heard of the term triple bottom line, focusing on not just profits, but people and the planet, yet we were doing it.

We were the first organic, fair-trade certified soft drink alternative available in public schools too. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We only source our main ingredients from sustainable farms and other natural foods companies we know and respect. Through our partnership with Native Energy, we offset our carbon footprint every year to make sure that we are investing in alternative energy sources and projects we care about across the country.

For example, one of the carbon offset projects we support financially is an organic dairy farm right here in PA. I had the privilege of visiting this family farm last year and quickly learned they were no ordinary dairy farm at all.


Dairy Farm

In addition to the organic dairy (and over 600 beautiful and happy cows), the farm has created a system for capturing the natural gas rising out of manure. This gas not only generates free electricity for the farm, but the excess is sold to the local city to help meet their electricity needs. Very cool to see how free energy is created first hand!

To celebrate Earth Day and to recognize those people and organizations taking action to ensure a healthier and better world, we'll be giving away some Steaz goodies like Energy Shots, T-shirts and aluminum water bottles on Thursday via Twitter from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Follow#SteazEarth for more details.

To get involved with Earth Day, check out your local events or visit the Earth Day Network. Since Earth Day should be a mindset we practice all year long, let's pledge to accomplish at least one positive impact on the environment in the coming year. Tell us what your positive impact will be!

To a better world,


Building Blog Karma: A Message from Eric

Eric SchnellHi. My name is Eric Schnell. I am the co-founder of The Healthy Beverage Company, the maker of organic and fair trade certified Steaz Organic Iced Teas, Steaz Sparkling Green Teas and Steaz Energy Fuel drinks. My business partner, Steve and I started this company seven years ago. In those days, the two of us were the management, marketing and sales departments, as you can see in this photo, hitting one store at a time.



We started the company because we believed business didn't have to mean 'business as usual'. We espoused the triple bottomline principals of people, planet and profit before the concept had a name. We believed profit could be generated to create social benefit, such as job creation, vs. social harm - profit at the expense of others. The product idea was simple; offer consumers a healthy alternative to soda. What better place to prove our ideas and our beliefs than an industry infamously known for being unhealthy. In late 2002, we started our company and offered Steaz Sparkling Green Tea. It was the first green tea sparkling drink, and the first USDA organic-certified carbonated soft drink.

I grew up in a vegetarian, spiritually-minded, hippie household in Boston in the '70s. We had a garden in the backyard, a meditation/yoga room in our home and solar panels on our roof. As kids, my sisters and I complained about our ugly-looking vegetables and our school lunches which weren't anything like what other kids where bringing to the cafeteria.

Today of course, I'm thankful for that upbringing which gave me the chance to be in and around the natural foods industry and to recognize it's not just about what we put in our bodies, but also how those choices affect our world. For me, Steaz is an extension of who I am.

I believe in doing right just because it's the right thing to do. I believe that whatever you do in life has a karmic effect. It comes back to you.These are simple philosophies, but executing them in the soft drink industry has given our company an interesting perspective. It's a perspective we'd like to share with you.

I'm still new to this online community scene but I recognize it's a great opportunity for us to have a conversation with you. Steaz will share what we've learned about our industry, give you an inside look at what makes Steaz, Steaz and offer information that can help you make healthy food and beverage choices. In turn, we look forward to hearing from you; likes, dislikes, concerns and observations.

So many people are talking about being green, organic, all-natural, fair-trade and... you can fill in an ever-growing list of buzzwords here. I am thrilled that these principals are gaining wider acceptance. Yet, I worry that consumers are beginning to tune-out what they perceive as 'hype'. How can discerning consumers separate fact from fiction or recognize the difference between companies that are greenwashing and companies that are the real thing?

It is my hope that through this blog, you'll hear an authentic voice in the industry. We can't simply tell you about the Steaz brand, we'll have to show you. Ultimately it is our actions as a company that I trust you will find most distinctive, but ultimately the decision is up to you. Please put us to the test. I don't think you'll be disappointed. If we do disappoint, let us know. We have and will continue to listen, because we recognize that we are all a part of the same universe. We are all seeking a higher state of knowledge and understanding in our life journey. It's the exchange of ideas that keeps us moving forward.

So here we go. It's time for Steaz to get in touch with its inner blogger!




Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to note that I will be working on this blog with my team here at Steaz. When I have written a post, I will sign it with my name. Other posts will be written by our team and show only as 'Steaz'. We may also have guest bloggers who will of course introduce themselves. However, I am closely involved; receiving comments directly and giving input and approval on all the posts that are made. 

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