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Steaz Hoodie Giveaway!

We all love a good motivational poster (see a couple of our favorites below) and we want to know: what is your mantra? What helps you get out of bed to go for a run, get to yoga on time or to make the healthy choice in the grocery store? For us, it's: "Keep it Steazy"! It reminds us to keep it healthy, happy and most importantly fun!


Tell us your favorite quote, song or send us that butt kicking visual image that motivates and inspires you and you will be entered to win a very RARE (and amazing we might add) Keep it Steazy hoodie - seen below on Mr. Hal Sparks!


You can enter on Facebook or on Twitter (or both for an extra chance to win) before 9 am PST on Thursday, October, 11 2012:

Here is how to enter on Facebook:

-  Like Steaz

-  Write or upload your motivational quote, song or image on our Facebook wall.

How to enter on Twitter:

-  Follow @Steaz

-  Tweet us your motivational quote, song or image by using @Steaz and the hashtag #KeepItSteazy

The winner will be announced before 5pm PST on Friday, July 12, 2012. There is one prize and the winner will be randomly chosen via Facebook or Twitter. Good luck Steazers!

Official Rules:

Entries will be accepted from Friday October 5th, 2012 through 9 am PST on Thursday, October, 11 2012. 


Eligibility requirements: Entrants must be over the age of 18 and reside in the continental United States or Canada. 

Once the winners are contacted they have 48 hours to reply and provide a shipping address, if they fail to reply within those 48 hours we will choose another winner. 


I Married a Nutritionist – GIVEAWAY!

We wanted to tell our fans about a new book, written by our friends Steve Roth and holistic nutritionist Karen Roth: "I Married a Nutritionist". The book sets the record straight on a wide variety of often-confusing health and nutrition topics.

Co-author Steve admits that when he married a nutritionist his life changed, not because he lost his bachelorhood but because his wife's influence on his diet and lifestyle positively impacted his life.  While watching his male friends load up on doctor-prescribed medications, Steve had an idea.  Why not write a blog for guys sharing all the great health and nutrition information he's learned from his nutritionist-wife.  The popular blog grew and grew and now that blog has been expanded into a book.


One of the topics "I Married a Nutritionist" tackles is energy drinks.  As the book points out, most carbonated beverages such as soda and many traditional energy drinks offer your body little in the way of nutrition.  There may be some B vitamins in some, as well as some amino acids, but that's certainly overshadowed by the effects of sugar and caffeine.  Additionally, some traditional energy drinks contain dyes and other ingredients, which can be harmful to your health.  With this in mind, Steve says he always stays away from all energy drinks...that is, until he discovered Steaz! 

"Once Karen gave her stamp of approval for Steaz energy zero calorie, it's became one of my favorite drinks," says Steve.  There's a special section on the book's website called "Karen's Selections."  It's a trusted source of healthy products approved of by holistic nutritionist Karen Roth.  We are proud to say that Steaz is listed in "Karen's Selections."

We are so excited for Steve and Karen that we want to give one lucky fan a copy of "I Married a Nutritionist" and some free steaz! All you have to do to enter the contest is fill out this FORM AND comment on the blog: tell us why you started drinking Steaz! 

Good luck! The winner will be randomly selected and contact by email.

Complete the entry form before 9 am PST on Monday July 23, 2012 for your chance to win. Winner announcement to follow before 5pm PST on Friday, July 27, 2012. Remember to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates on all future giveaways and Steaz news!


Official Rules:

Entries will be accepted from July 17, 2012 through 9 am PST on Monday, July 23, 2012. 


Eligibility requirements: Entrants must be over the age of 18 and reside in the continental United States or Canada. 

Once the winners are contacted they have 48 hours to reply and provide a shipping address, if they fail to reply within those 48 hours we will choose another winner. 


Meet the My Steaz Winner!

Last week we were so so excited to announce the winner of the My Steaz contest. Chris Hannant's beautiful video attracted the most votes and won himself and Reef Check $5000 each! Curious about what he plans to do with his winnings? Read on...


Why did you create a video for the My Steaz contest?


I have such a passion for travel that goes so far beyond just seeing cool new stuff and taking pretty pictures. I think it's incredibly important to see what else is out there, meet new people, experience different cultures, and have crazy adventures. There is really nothing else I can think of that is more rewarding to do for yourself. So often I see someone putting a bunch of money toward something silly that they don't need and I think (or say) "That could be a plane ticket." I think the American culture suffers greatly from our overall lack of worldliness. We have so many false notions about foreign place and culture and have become sheltered in our own country's comfort zone! I really wanted to share my video, my passion for traveling, and inspire others to do the same.

What do the Steaz values mean to you?


I didn't know about Steaz Tea before the contest, but "steaz" has been in my vocabulary for a while now, so when my friends first heard about the tea/contest they thought it was hilarious and found it totally appropriate for me to enter. To me, the Steaz values are about being true to who you are and following your own path to pursue whatever makes you happy.

Why did you pick Reef Check as your charity?


The ocean has always been a huge part of my life through surfing, diving, spearfishing, skimboarding, even just sitting on the shore or falling asleep to its sounds in a friend's beach cottage. In my traveling I've seen first hand so many beaches, reefs, and surf lineups that have suffered from serious neglect of the ocean and its importance to us and our planet. It's a real shame. I recently helped create and work for a non-profit called The Waters Edge Project to help teach small coastal communities the importance of taking care of their beaches and the ocean, and so Reef Check was definitely the charity that I wanted to help out.

Any idea what you will do with the prize money?


Travel! People always say "You're so lucky you get to travel so much!" and I always tell them that there is absolutely no luck involved. Every year I work very hard so I make it happen, even if it's for one week or, like the trip documented in my Steaz film, five months. I've been wanting to go to South America since I was in high school, and with these winnings that's exactly what I'm going to do! Panama to Peru...and maybe beyond!

Congrats again Chris! You earned it and we can't wait to follow your trip :)

Watch Chris' winning video below, and if you enjoyed his work check out more at!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter...who knows what we will come up with next!

May the Best Steaz Win!

Steazers, you've stumped us! Your videos were just too good. We really tried but we simply couldn't bring ourselves to narrow it down to 10 - so we picked 12!

Meet the My Steaz Finalists:


Tyler & Robyn are 18 years old and in love - they stole our hearts in their touching video.

Dan Bakst loves music and everything about it. His passion and energy are infectious!

Aiden Ivy was shot by Brian Tran who is a 19 year old film-maker always looking for ways to create and challenge himself. His parkour video is something we couldn't have imagined!

Matt Batchelor's passion is telling the stories of people who do not have a voice of their own. Authentic and real, Matt so clearly shared his passion that we were moved to share his.

Matt Magohan was shot by Mike Pagan, a 17 year old from L.A. with an "extreme passion for filmmaking". What can we say...WOW! The filming style, message and talent blew us away.

Travis Collier is a professional BMX rider. We were astounded by the calm, quiet beauty that this video portrayed. "Ballet on a bike" is right.

Chris Hannant is a photographer/film-maker/surfer/adventurer. He makes us want to pack our bags and see as much of the world as we can!

Clint Snyder is a loving husband who is pursuing faith, hope and love. We love the message and subtle story told in this beautiful video.

Anica James is an artist and photographer. We love the simplicity of her message and her passion for the outdoors.


Eric Bickerstaffe is one steazy guitarist. This video is stunning and captivating - it truly took us to the serene forest with him.

John Monsoon is part of bass-pop consisting of MC's. We love the energy in this LMAFOish video.

Myles Harris is all about making the planet a better place - through art! Can you believe he is only 17? This kid has some crazy steaz and isn't afraid to show it.

Huge gratitude to everyone who entered the contest, thank you for your tremendous videos. They're awesome.  

Now vsit My Steaz to see which charities they are supporting and to vote for your favorite.  

Voting closes on June 24th and the video with the most votes wins!

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